Karantis360: transforming care for the elderly, with IBM


You may not have thought about it yet, but as we grow old, our health and the care we receive is incredibly important, perhaps more than you may have realised.

More specifically, enabling the elderly to live in their own home for longer is particularly beneficial, on many levels. And in this video, you’ll not only learn why but discover how Karantis360 is approaching this challenge.

There are far more people requiring care in this day and age than ever there has been before.” Says Helen Dempster, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Karantis360

Everybody gets old and everybody wants the best care possible.” Says Nick Hampson, Managing Director, Karantis360

Using IoT sensors to pass information to the IBM Cloud about a variety of activities occurring at the client’s home, AI and analytics are then applied in order to create alerts. These are then passed through to an IoT dashboard that a care provider can monitor.

As a result, Karantis360 provides:

  • Peace of mind for those using the solution at home
  • Transparency
  • Reassurance to families who are geographically dispersed

Not only that but combining the solution with IBM Cloud dramatically reduces the amount of administration a carer has to provide and will enable a carer to be able to spend more time with the client.

Watch the video to get the full story.

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