Iptor: Providing a unique cloud experience with IBM Services


Aurelio Sanchez Ricart (IBM VP Vice Infrastructure Services Europe) and Christopher Catterfeld (Iptor Chief Product and Marketing Officer) on teaming up to provide a unique cloud experience.

Iptor and IBM announcing a complete range of powerful, fully managed cloud infrastructure. Bringing together a leading supply chain management vendor and a leading cloud services and infrastructure provider blends Iptor’s sector expertise, rich functionality and cost efficiency with the stability, security, high availability and scale of IBM’s cloud technology and innovative solutions. Not only will this allow Iptor to deliver state-of-the-art, pre-set cloud ERP offerings for its new customers but also it will future-proof existing customers by supporting the migration of those who do not currently operate in a cloud environment. This will provide them with a ‘one stop shop’ for solutions, services and technology. Additionally, as part of the 10-year agreement, further value-added services will be developed in the coming months.

By providing modern, secure, flexible solutions Iptor is reducing the complexity of their customers’ IT, allowing them to focus on their business not their technology. Additionally, the offering supports customers with the highest level of data security for the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

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