IoT platforms: Why IBM is leading the market

Give your clients a quick start on their Internet of Things projects, with the fully managed, cloud-hosted IBM Watson IoT Platform.

Recognised as the market leader in IoT platforms, IBM’s Watson solution will help your clients combine Internet of Things data with other data sets to gain new insights, and apply them to make the physical world work better.

By adding the Watson IoT platform to your portfolio of services, you can deliver value to your clients in several ways:

  1. Build the platform into your technology by supplying chip, API and gateway solutions that allow “things” to connect, sense and respond to machine-generated data.
  2. Solve IoT use case challenges by adding value to IBM software offerings for asset and facilities management, and continuous engineering.
  3. Transform industries and business processes by embedding IoT capabilities into existing solutions to improve operations, drive customer engagement, and create new products and services.

Download the IDC MarketScape report to learn more about the IBM platform and discover why it’s positioned as the market leading solution.

Click here to get your free trial of the Watson IoT Platform.


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