Integrated Managed Infrastructure: the answer to hybrid challenges


It’s inevitable. Companies are adopting new technologies like cloud and mobile to help accelerate their transformation, and this results in a hybrid enterprise IT infrastructure.

The problem is that without a truly integrated and managed hybrid infrastructure, they may not be able to support this transition.

In fact, from a survey of IT executives, it was found that only one in ten was confident that their IT infrastructure was fully prepared to meet the demands of mobile, social, big data and cloud computing.

So, in this video, you’ll learn how IBM’s Integrated Managed Infrastructure (IMI) is the answer to that challenge.

IMI is not only designed to make your clients’ digital transformation easier but delivers the key capabilities needed to design, build and manage hybrid infrastructures across platforms, providers and locations.

What’s more, the resulting system can be deployed in only a few hours, while giving you and your clients the flexibility to add or remove pay-per-use modular services as and when needed.

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