IDC: AI opportunities and the approach to infrastructure

The opportunities in AI – for you and your clients – are exceptionally promising. Not acting could potentially be a business disaster as competitors gain a wealth of previously unavailable data to grow their customer base.

But while businesses around the globe enthusiastically respond to the new opportunities offered by AI workloads, they’re also finding that getting started with AI and deep learning have a period of trial and error on existing hardware.

And even as businesses are required to make critical decisions, IDC believes that this environment is – to date – still highly undefined.

Most organisations are aware of the challenge, and their lines of business (LOBs), IT staff, data scientists and developers are working to define an AI strategy; opening up many questions for consideration.

The problem? AI applications are extremely demanding and require powerful processing capabilities – and at some point your clients will need to overhaul their infrastructure to achieve the required performance.

Read the white paper to discover the findings from IDC’s survey.

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IDC: Serverinfrastruktur für künstliche Intelligenz stößt an Ihre Grenzen IDC: Cuando la infraestructura de servidores para inteligencia artificial choca contra un muro IDC: L’impatto coi limiti dell’infrastruttura server per l’Intelligenza Artificiale IDC: Faire face au risque d’écroulement des performances des infrastructures de serveur dédiées à l’intelligence artificielle Преодоление предела возможностей инфраструктуры при работе с приложениями искусственного интеллекта Infrastruktura serwerów IDC obsługujących sztuczną inteligencję (AI) poważną barierą hamującą dalszy postęp


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