IBM Watson: taking the power of AI to the Grammys


In this video about GRAMMYconnect, you’ll learn about the platform designed to play host to an amazing collection of content that both celebrates music and those who create it.

It’s a fascinating use case of AI. And though you may be wondering how this is relevant to you as a service provider, the AI behind GRAMMYconnect is the same technology we use to help oncologists, mine medical research and match cancer patients to thousands of ongoing clinical trials. It’s the same technology we use to help investment banks, uncover hidden insights, from millions of articles and blogs.

For a service provider like you, IBM Watson can be applied to virtually any industry, from hip-hop to healthcare, indie rock to investment banking, rock and roll to oil and gas; with your help, we can put smart to work and change the world. It’s all down to what you and your clients want to do with the information you have.

See what we got up to at the Grammys last year.

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