IBM Watson isn’t just the promise of AI, it’s the real deal


The whole world is talking about AI. And there are many reasons why businesses around the globe work with Watson AI, and why you can, too.

Big, bold promises about what AI can deliver are everywhere, but at the end of the day it’s not about pushing technology into the realm of cosmic intelligence – you run a real business, on Earth.

Businesses like yours, like your clients’, are keeping things moving in the world; with their sleeves rolled up. And Watson is designed to fit in alongside all of that.

IBM Watson knows your industry, protects your insights and works with tools you already use. Through deep learning Watson can do amazing things that make a difference, like:

  • Analysing weather data to help retailers increase foot traffic
  • Assisting thousands of online banking customers each week
  • Reducing delays for 25 million passengers

This is the real deal business-learning AI – and that’s why it’s the best AI for the job. It’s not going to find life on Mars (but it probably could).

Watch the video to learn more.

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