IBM Security: Perspectives from Tom Preston


We caught up with Thomas Preston for a chat at the Security Business Partner Advisory Council.


Video transcript:

“My name’s Tom Preston, and I’m the worldwide leader for IBM Security’s Business Partner Enablement Certification Programmes. Since taking on this assignment in March of this year, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting more than 75 business partners throughout the world.

“These meetings really taught me what the challenges are that our business partners are facing in their enablement, but also how that relates to growing their business.

“And, two things that I learned was that, the message from the partners was this: ‘IBM, you need to simplify how you do enablement and you need to help us grow our business, transform that business.’ So we’ve taken actions over the last three months to really try to meet those needs.

“The first thing we did: we’re now delivering our entire online learning through the IBM Security Learning Academy – I encourage you to Google IBM Security Learning Academy.

“Second thing we did: we’ve introduced technical sales master exams. So now, we have a path for new employees at existing business partners, or even new business partners, to jumpstart their learning around IBM Security.

“And then the third thing we did: we’ve introduced online exam taking. So you as a business partner, instead of having to go to a third-party facility, now have the option to take any technical exam that is less than 90 minutes in duration, online. Thereby saving you time and saving you money, and helping you grow your business.”


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