IBM puts vital healthcare data at your client’s fingertips


If any of your clients are involved in healthcare, they’ll be fully aware that a person’s health can often be determined by the strength of their grip.

It can determine whether they’re susceptible to Parkinson’s disease, the state of an individual’s cardiovascular health, and the degree of cognitive function in schizophrenics.

In this video IBM demonstrates how IBM Research has created a first-of-a-kind wearable fingernail sensor, which will help clinicians detect and monitor disease progression via AI analysis of grip strength. The wireless-enabled sensors detect otherwise invisible movement of the fingernails measured in single-digit microns (a red blood cell is less than 10 microns wide), delivering data on pressure, motion and tremors to an app utilising machine learning to identify patterns.

This data provides a window into just how well the brain and body are working together.

To see how IBM Research is advancing detection and analysis in a variety of important areas of Healthcare and Life Sciences, click here for a number of other articles and videos.

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