IBM pushes for change with Call the Code initiative

IBM has launched a new global initiative, encouraging developers to build a solution that will support disaster relief.

Call for Code was announced by CEO Ginni Rometty at the VivaTech event in Paris on the 24 May 2018, where she called for the technology industry to help create a better future for communities around the world.

Committing $30million USD over the next five years to the Call for Code initiative, IBM will fund access to developer tools, technologies, free code and expert training to help developers use data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT and cloud technologies to improve the current state of disaster preparedness with sustainable software solutions.

IBM is incentivising developers to get involved by pledging an annual $200,000 USD cash prize fund to the team that develops a winning prototype. IBM will also give the winners an opportunity to pitch their idea to venture capitalists and deploy the solution with an IBM Corporate Service Corps team – helping to turn their prototype into a real-world application.

To get involved, simply register your details on the Call for Code website using the button above and submit your idea/prototype to the initiative between 18 June and 31 August 2018.

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