IBM Food Trust: safe, authentic and sustainable food


As a service provider, exploring and solving complex challenges with your clients represents one of the many ways you can unleash true value from a partnership.

And discovering how you can implement blockchain to solve those challenges, is another – especially as we’re still looking for ways to apply such dynamic technology.

Much of the time, our focus is on quite a small area, a process, a technical issue or enhancement. But sometimes, your solution can have a much wider impact for interconnected systems, particularly when it comes to something as complex as the food supply chain. As you’ll see in this video about the IBM Food Trust.

Many businesses like this are searching for better ways of doing things in – and across – their industries, not just to increase profits and save time but also to create a system of trust. And trust is big.

Why? Because in complex systems like food supply chains, trusting that the right information is shared accurately and instantly is a matter of responsibility.

With blockchain, each stage of the food supply chain is digitised for the ultimate in transparency, enabling everyone to not only depend on each other within it but discover new opportunities for optimisation which were simply unachievable before now.

To get to that stage, it’s all about understanding how blockchain can form part of that process. For IBM Food Trust, it reduced the ‘noise’, enabled dependency, created instant access to information where and when it was needed and more.

Discover how easy it is to get started with blockchain in our free trial.

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