IBM Cloud Private for Data: How to tell the story

This webinar is designed to help sales teams articulate and convey the value associated with IBM Cloud Private for Data. 

Taking you through the high-level concepts, you’ll start off by looking at the multi-cloud and AI environment in general, and then be guided through IBM Cloud Private for Data and how it sits on top of that environment, followed by a series of use cases. 

Multi-cloud and AI are driving digital transformation, and some of the stats surrounding its uptake present very interesting angles for us to explore: 

  • 75 per cent of large enterprises will have digital transformation at the centre of corporate strategy within two years 
  • 81 per cent of companies do not yet understand the data required for AI 
  • Greater than 85 per cent of enterprise organisations will commit to multi-cloud architectures 
  • Greater than 59 per cent of large enterprises see improved app quality and reduced defects with containers 

During the webinar, these points will be explored in more detail and how IBM Cloud Private for Data addresses the new IT reality created by digital transformation. 

Sign in to the MSP Hub to watch the webinar now and view the IBM Cloud Private for Data demo.

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