IBM Cloud and VMware streamline hybrid cloud adoption


With a plethora of platforms and tools for enterprises to choose from, going hybrid can be a complex and expensive transformation. So, to accelerate hybrid cloud adoption and automate the process, IBM and VMware have joined forces in a strategic global partnership, helping you extend your customers’ existing workloads to the cloud through full access to the native VMware software stack.

Experience a seamless hybrid cloud environment without needing to change anything. Get all the flexible pricing benefits of the cloud and manage workloads in the cloud just as you would on premises.

  • There’s no need to modify security, storage or networking
  • You don’t have to convert virtual machines
  • Your IT staff can carry on using their existing tools and skillsets

With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can provision pre-configured VMware Cloud Foundation environments in hours. Take your non-production dev, test and demo sites to the IBM Cloud to take full advantage of an agile, scalable and secure environment that supports rapid development and testing.

Take the next step in realising all of the benefits that IBM Cloud and VMware has to offer, learn more in this video.

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