IBM Cloud: an expert look at the future, from Professor Bill Buchanan OBE PhD


Video transcript:

“I’m Bill Buchanan, I’m a professor at Edinburgh Napier University. My interests are in building the next generation of systems, building an amazing new world based on software.”


What do you think is the next big thing for cloud?

“We can’t stop the internet, it is as natural part of our lives as heating and lighting. But the next true revolution will come, really, with the integration of sensors and devices.

“The internet was created as a bunch of computers which connected to each other. The protocols which were created, the internet will really evolve, and the cloud will evolve to be an internet of people, an internet of things and that will become a complexed, mixed up world where we’ll have the core around the cloud and the services that we really need for that to happen, identity, digital certificates, they’re our core services, data storage. But at the edges, increasingly, we’ll see lots of new devices evolving and the challenge will be how we knit all these devices together. I feel we’re just at the start of building a proper internet, and the internet we have just now is really based on legacy; old systems. We need to break them up, we need to break up data wherever we see it and rebuild it whenever we want it.

“So, I think the whole concepts of relational databases, of data silos, of storing data without any metadata, defining an ownership, or how it’s allowed to be used, will really change. And I think that will be the biggest transformation in it. It will break down borders, it will break down the legal system as we know it. The concept of a wet signature, will seem archaic. In a world built on trust and cryptography, that concept is ancient. So, I think we’re a long way to really building this new infrastructure, but it will happen, and we’ll be as much part of the internet as a computer is just now.”

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