IBM Cloud: an expert look at hybrid cloud infrastructures, from Professor Bill Buchanan OBE PhD


Video transcript:

“I’m Bill Buchanan, I’m a professor at Edinburgh Napier University. My interests are in building the next generation of systems, building an amazing new world based on software.”


What are the challenges for companies operating a hybrid cloud infrastructure?

“So, a key part of developing a hybrid cloud infrastructure is for the business to understand its own requirements for how the data will flow and how services are provided to their customers, but also to their own employees.

“As part of that, they then map on to the services that would be required. Some will be provided locally within a trusted local environment; within a private cloud, and others will be borrowed or taken from a public cloud type infrastructure.

“So, the challenge for many companies is how they knit together these services to be able to create a coherent infrastructure that allows them to have security, robustness, quality of service to the customers and things like having robustness against a large-scale failure, is a key part of building up trust from the user. If the user sees a service failing every now and then, then it can have a significant effect on the brand. And these days, customers will move quickly if they don’t see the right quality of service.

“So, I think it’s important that companies understand what needs to stay local, and what needs to go on to public cloud. Obviously, things like directives and laws will actually define that data need to be held in certain places, and that auditors need to see them, and that companies need to audit their cloud providers. So, it’s important that companies obviously understand their legal requirements, because it’s a changing environment with the laws that we see coming along.”


What are the chances of survival for a business not offering cloud-based services?

“So, the odds for a company surviving in this new cyber-information age, I’d give them a hundred to one to not succeed.

“If companies don’t migrate from their hardware skills of setting up switches, towards the cloud, then they are likely to fail in the future. So, the days of having to wire out racks of equipment are gone, there will still always be a need for that type of service, but it’s now much more flexible within a cloud-type environment.”

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