IBM CEO Arvind Krishna on Empowering Collaborative Working


Having joined IBM in 1990, Arvind Krishna has a great deal of experience running IBM’s cloud organisation; and now, as announced a few months ago, he’s taken over the office of CEO from Ginni Rometty.

In light of the crisis the world is presently facing, Arvind Krishna talked to ‘Squawk Alley’ to discuss IBM’s role in providing the increasingly essential collaboration tools the global workforce is relying on to enable remote yet highly productive working.

IBM’s impressive line up of assets include Red Hat based technologies such as Linux containers, empowering the packaging of software code on machines, and Kubernetes, for managing the containers.


Opening up Cloud to the World

At present, Arvind Krishna explains, little more than 20% of world enterprise is in the cloud.

Moreover, just 4% has taken advantage of the potential for productivity in AI.

The extraordinary times we’re living through is pushing enterprises to speed up their adoption of modern technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud.

And a prime example of this is IBM itself.

To avoid furthering the spread of coronavirus, IBM has made technological changes to help around 95% of its employees work from home.


IBM undergoes its own Digital Transformation

In the week prior to the video discussion, Arvind Krishna says, IBM employees spent more than a million hours on video conferences.

At any given time, IBM’s global workforce of upwards of 200,000 employees takes part in hundreds of thousands of hours of interconnectivity.

Over half a million laptops and hundreds of thousands of mobile devices have been distributed, along with the enablement of hundreds of data centres.


Adapting by adopting new ways of working

Thanks in part to over 200,000 virtual private network connections, combined with expertise, resilience and agile adaptation, IBM’s workforce hasn’t missed a beat in delivering support and resources to their clients.

“When we look at the usage of AI and cloud, I think it is especially going to accelerate also not just us, but how our clients are going to go on their digital transformations,” Arvind Krishna says, adding, “And I believe this crisis is only going to accelerate that as we go over the next few months.”


Enabling productive Remote Working

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