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Interested in solving the world’s largest natural disaster challenges with code?

Call for Code is a worldwide initiative designed to inspire developers to help support disaster relief by building sustainable software solutions.

The past decade has been one of the worst periods for natural disasters, so the challenge is to mitigate the effect they have on communities wherever they strike.

With the right applications, we can:

  • Improve our ability to prepare for disasters
  • Build more resilient communities
  • Safeguard the health and well-being of individuals and institutions

How can blockchain help in this initiative? By building secure, resilient, traceable and transparent supply networks on blockchain technology, we can improve the distribution of aid before and after a major disaster.

In this webinar, IBM Developer Advocate, Oliver Rodriguez, talks in more detail about how we can build blockchain networks to help alleviate and prepare for disasters, and provides a variety of tips on how to get started with building your solution.

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If you’re not already signed up to the Call for Code challenge, click here.

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