IBM Business Solutions: Perspectives from Dagmar Ziegler, Cancom


Video transcript:


“Hi my name is Dagmar Ziegler, I’m responsible for IBM software within Cancom. Cancom is one of the IT infrastructure and service providers in Germany and Austria.”


Describe your relationship with IBM

“The partnership with IBM started in 2008, as Cancom acquired an IBM system integrator, and in regards to security, we started two years ago, specially in the area of SIEM.”


Why is IBM a good partner for security?

“IBM is the leading security provider, from Gartner and everywhere. So two years ago we picked the QRadar solution because that’s unique in the market and it fitted perfectly in our security portfolio. Now, we’re looking into building our own SOC system, so we’re curators one part, but not the only one in regards to Big Fix, Watson for cybersecurity and Resilient (IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform) as well – will be part of that.”


What are the advantages for your clients?

“In Germany we experience that the large customers have their own security departments, and they’re very good. But for mid-sized companies, definitely the people are missing, the technical people, and that’s why we see the future in offering that to our clients as managed services.”


Why partner with IBM and how do you see your relationship in the future?

“We want to expand the security partnership in all the immune systems that IBM offers there. So we love to work with the security channel in DACH, because they’re very innovative, they understand our pain points, they help us to integrate IBM products into our own solutions and services.

“We are enjoying our partnership.”


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