IBM and Samsung launch a 5G-enabled safety platform for enterprise

IBM and Samsung launch a 5G-enabled safety platform for enterprise IBM MSP Hub

Nearly 3-million deaths occur each year due to occupational accidents.*

With the aim of utilising 5G and edge computing to improve work environment safety, particularly for first responders such as police officers and fire fighters, Samsung and IBM are collaborating on systems designed to track the health of workers in remote or high-stress environments.

Combining IBM’s cloud innovations along with Samsung’s Galaxy devices ecosystems – including tablets, smartphones and watches – it provides real time health and situational awareness insights, reducing operational risks in the field.

Data captured and analysed in real or near-real time is critical, as split-second decisions can be the difference between life and death or serious injury.

A model for future 5G applications, it’s currently being piloted by multiple police forces, as well as understandably receiving a great deal of interest in the news media.

If you’d like more details of this innovative technology that Puts Smart to Work, here are just a few of the articles available.


Samsung and IBM Bring 5G and AI-Powered Mobile Solutions on IBM Cloud for Enterprises

Joint innovations help governments and enterprises improve safety for first responders, on factory floors and for manufacturing plant workers

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced today at the Samsung Developer Conference, a new joint platform leveraging IBM Cloud and AI capabilities, and Samsung’s mobile offerings. The collaboration between the two companies brings together IBM’s capabilities with the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem for today’s enterprise customers.

“The mobile industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation and opening up new ways of business by bringing innovative technologies like 5G, AI and IoT to enterprises,” said DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics. “We believe open collaboration is central to unlocking these opportunities and look forward to driving digital transformation for our enterprise clients in the 5G era with IBM and Samsung’s mobile devices and connected services.”


A First Look at What a 5G-Enabled World Looks Like, Courtesy of Samsung and IBM

Steve Canepa

For years thought leaders in the technology, telecommunications, and media spaces have offered tantalizing visions of how 5G will transform society: lightning-fast video downloads, self-driving cars, eSports, robotic factories, and other revolutionary technologies yet-to-be imagined.

But these predictions often include qualifying language, reminding readers that, of course, no one can really predict the future, and anyway the real effects of 5G won’t be felt for some time.

It turns out the future is a lot closer than some thought. IBM’s major investments in Open and Secure Hybrid cloud – which enables enterprises of all kinds to collect, store and analyse data they generate – and developments in Artificial Intelligence and IoT, some of the groundwork has been laid for opportunistic companies to start building our collective future, now.

Enter IBM and Samsung. The recent announcement that the two companies are launching a new platform that will bring important new capabilities for first responders is one of the first, examples of how 5G – through cloud and edge computing – is transforming the world, right at this moment.


Samsung and IBM’s joint safety platform highlights a 5G connectivity opportunity for telecoms

Business Insider Intelligence Connectivity & Tech, by George Paul

At the annual Samsung Developer Conference this week, Samsung and IBM announced a joint platform that uses technologies like 5G and AI to monitor employee well-being. The scalable platform enables enterprises to track their employees’ vitals while on the job by using IBM’s cloud and AI to aggregate data from Samsung devices.

If physical distress is detected, the platform can dispatch help. Samsung’s wide array of Galaxy smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets enables potential enterprise clients to choose the form factor that best suits their needs and budget. The platform runs as an app and is currently being tested by multiple police forces in the US.

Samsung’s platform allows it to leverage its existing lineup of devices to create a new revenue opportunity. The platform aims to reduce the approximately 2.8 million deaths attributed to occupational accidents each year, as it’s initially focused on high-risk applications like first responders and manufacturing plant workers. To open further revenue streams, Samsung should look to expand the platform to industries like trucking, healthcare, and even hospitality.


Samsung and IBM Bring 5G and AI-Powered Mobile Solutions on IBM Cloud for Enterprises

Built on the IBM Cloud, the new platform will now allow clients to track a worker’s vitals, including heart rate and physical activity, to determine if that person is in distress and automatically dispatch help.

For example, equipped with Samsung’s Galaxy Watches with biometric sensors and Galaxy smartphones enabled with 5G capability, first responders will have their safety and wellness indicators shared on this platform in real time. The solution constantly tracks their vital signs and other key indicators to instantly alert emergency managers if there is a change in any of these data points, which may indicate the responder may be in danger of a heart attack, heat exhaustion, or any other life-threatening event requiring immediate attention. The platform transmits the data to emergency managers to provide insights for their decision-making.

On this new platform, Samsung’s high-speed Galaxy devices can now be used at scale almost anywhere. These devices can be customized to withstand intense environments, such as those encountered by a soldier in the field, power plant employees working in harsh weather conditions, an emergency worker responding to a disaster or a worker in a mining plant.


Samsung, IBM partner on 5G-enabled safety platform for enterprise

Samsung Electronics and IBM have developed a new platform powered by the IBM public cloud and Samsung devices to track workers’ health vitals for improved safety, leveraging artificial intelligence and 5G.

The joint effort, announced Tuesday at the Samsung Developer Conference, is geared toward government and enterprise customers that want visibility into the well-being of employees who work in remote or high-stress environments, such as first responders or manufacturing plant workers.

The platform works with Samsung Galaxy watches equipped with biometric sensors and ruggedized Galaxy smartphones including 5G-capable models, which the company said can now be used at scale broadly. The Samsung devices can be customized to withstand intense environments like harsh weather conditions, emergency disasters or mining plants.

Enterprise customers are able to track workers’ safety and wellness stats, including vitals like heart rate and physical activity, on the platform in real time to help identify if they may be in distress and need immediate assistance.


Potential applications across other industries

Of course, the technology behind the platform comes with capabilities that can be extended into a wide range of other areas, such as manufacturing, mining, defence, and retail.

For instance, sensors placed throughout a mine, factory or warehouse can monitor safety conditions, with analytics alerting supervisors when equipment might need repairing, or when conditions become unsafe.

A leveraging of the IBM Garage method and Samsung ecosystem is already leading to new 5G and edge-computing-enabled solutions, innovative abilities that can be applied across other industries including financial services, energy, and healthcare.

Do you need any more persuading that 5G is destined to become an important tool in data analysis?

The report available here more fully explains how 5G is set to spark an electronics revolution.

*Source: International Labour Organization

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