IBM and Red Hat: accelerating hybrid cloud adoption


In our hybrid world, innovation is the path forward. So, when it comes to hybrid cloud adoption and app modernisation, delivering the best experience for your clients and end users is essential.

That’s why, in a new and innovative partnership, both IBM and Red Hat customers will be able to take advantage of powerful technology solutions combined into one end-to-end experience. Our fully supported solution stack gives you the tools around the DevOps lifecycle, from IBM, and the tools around development, from Red Hat.

For developers, this means having the ability to span traditional IT, private and public clouds, while meeting the demands of clients, markets and mission-critical projects more easily.

For your clients and end users, the new capabilities are designed to make app modernisation a more simplified process, helping to reduce operational complexities through increased choice and flexibility. They will also be more able to transform their IT and unlock cloud success through not having to choose between public or private cloud environments.

The partnership will help create roadmaps for digital transformation with speed, quality and scale and will give you the confidence and ability to deploy a resilient infrastructure throughout your enterprise.

Discover how IBM Cloud Private allows you to create new cloud-native apps.

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