IBM Analytics: an expert look from Professor Bill Buchanan OBE PhD


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“I’m Bill Buchanan, I’m a professor at Edinburgh Napier University. My interests are in building the next generation of systems, building an amazing new world based on software.”


What compelling advantages can analytics providers give to their client base?

“So, in terms of analytics, is it overwhelming? No. I work in cybersecurity, and in cybersecurity I often go into Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and the operators there will point me to a screen that is extremely simple. From that one screen they can know if they’ve been hacked, or not.

“So, when it comes down to it, really, the scale is in providing the analytics to the user, to different stakeholders in the organisation. Some people like to see a graph, some people like to see a number, some people like to see a colour code.

“And when it comes to analytics, you can do the back-end processing, but the way that you engineer that data, that information, transform information into data, is the key element of the data analytics part. So, you can gather data, you can then store it, you then process it. But it’s the presentation in terms of real information, that makes a difference to the business, that actually matters.

“So, I think that a properly designed infrastructure around the data analytics, will make it easy to understand. In fact, the users don’t actually know that there is such a complex, machine-learning infrastructure there. What they see, is what they require to see, and they can actually do their work correctly.”

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IBM Analytics: Perspectives from Professor Bill Buchanan OBE PhD


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