Hybrid orchestrating with Integrated Managed Infrastructure

The increasing demand to assist clients with their infrastructure challenges is clearer than ever. It’s the way the technology landscape is evolving.

IBM has been in the traditional space for decades but we’re seeing partners bring us the challenge of managing their workloads on private clouds, on-premise, in their data centre, or in third-party data centres.

Enterprises are finding that they will not only have to re-orientate their tools, processes and services but find partners with hybrid capabilities and understanding. And that’s where you and IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure (IMI) come in.

In this overview, you’ll discover how IMI really provides a powerful management capability for our partners, allowing you to:

  • Fuse existing IT infrastructure with new cloud and software-defined capabilities
  • Optimise, orchestrate and manage infrastructure at any location and provider

What’s more, is that IMI is modular and consumable as a service, meaning you can choose the platforms, providers and services you want, and use as much or as little as you need, in any location.

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