HIMSS Report: the journey toward cognitive healthcare

While the rapid increase of data holds extraordinary potential for healthcare organisations, the need to effectively manage it is emerging as a considerable, if not overwhelming, challenge.

The healthcare industry is exploding with new information, and as we continue to move towards advanced clinical analytics, we know this trend is not slowing down.” Bryan Fiekers, Senior Director, Research, HIMSS Analytics.

Covering some of the key challenges faced by the leading service providers in your industry, HIMSS Analytics have produced a report designed to shed light on the state of the journey toward cognitive healthcare.

Eighty percent of the 125 healthcare executives who participated in the HIMSS Analytics Cognitive Healthcare Study indicated that cognitive healthcare could well be the transformative force that is so greatly needed.

If your clients are working with IT infrastructures that simply can’t meet their data demands, or worse, is affecting their ability to make informed decisions, the report goes into vital detail into how they can:

  • Incorporate new data analytics technologies
  • Apply cost-effective high-performance capabilities
  • Build a solid foundation for cognitive health

Access the HIMSS Analytics report to get the full details.

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