Here’s why your clients need Mobile Device Management


‘I’ve never had a Mobile Device Management Solution before: why do I need one now?’

How often have you heard one of your clients ask you this whenever you’ve suggested an update of their cloud security?

Or, maybe, they say this instead: ‘I have a Mobile Device Management Solution already — what’s different about yours?’

If you’ve ever been lost for a winning answer, let Stephen McCormack give you a few invaluable tips in this webinar.

This is just one of a series of recordings on Webex specially designed and recorded to help you learn more about top SaaS offerings, enabling you to expand your portfolio of client-solutions and quickly grow your business. Featuring IBMer top Subject Matter Experts, the Demo Days Come To You webinars are part of the SaaS Academy, giving you a first-hand view of the great opportunities to increase your own offering to your clients.

Help your clients see why they need a Mobile Device Management Solution in the webinar above.

If you’d like to see further webinar in the series, view it here.


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