Help clients extract business value from data

As companies invest more and more in data access and organisation, your clients will be seeking ways to extract more business value from their business’s data.

The journey towards data maturity, where businesses have established self-service analytics and are able to transform using AI, is a long one. It requires solutions that allow your clients to leverage existing on-premise data while conducting advanced analytics in the cloud, but also a comprehensive data management strategy that supports their journey to AI.

As more businesses seek to harness AI, your clients need to leverage data behind their firewall to support transformational insights while maintaining security needs. IBM Cloud Private for Data can enable this.

IBM Cloud Private for Data’s catalogue of microservices brings together key capabilities from IBM’s portfolio of analytics solutions, helping to build the right foundation for data maturity and generating meaningful insights.

Sign into the MSP Hub to read the whitepaper, to learn how IBM Cloud Private for Data can help your clients extract business value and ultimately, why service providers like you should be offering the solution.

You can also replay the global IBM Cloud Private for Data event here, to experience the solution and understand how it can help you win new business. 

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