Getting the competitive advantage in the digital era


Digital transformation is by no means a new concept to play its part in the competitive advantage strategy. In fact, before digital even came along, transformation has been around for decades. It’s a continual challenge for businesses.

But there’s no mistaking that we’re also far from the world of simpler operations we began launching ourselves from. Now we’re embracing new possibilities through the data we collect and combining it with complex, smart technologies.

Everything is increasing in pace, especially as the data era has apparently exploded.

Bharat Bhushan, CTO, Banking and Financial Markets, says: “What we do with this data will be the story of tech-enabled business in the future.

So, where does all of this really play a role in differentiation? What does this mean for you as a service provider?

Well, it’s often about how varied data sets are combined in order to create value for customers – experiences that both change their expectations and brand interaction.

To meet this challenge, businesses are now embarking on their own digital journeys. But gaining differentiation doesn’t come from simply having an arsenal of digital capabilities at your disposal. It’s more than that.

It’s all about the execution – to create experiences that consumers will pay for. Get the full story in Bharat Bhushan’s blog article.

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