GDPR: A compliance driven business opportunity for European MSPs and SIs

GDPR: A compliance-driven opportunity for managed and cloud service providers - Webinar

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) going into effect in May of 2018, companies managing EU residents’ data are racing to meet compliance.  Learn how MSPs and SIs can address this tremendous business opportunity by leveraging best in class analytics solutions and network security offerings.

What is GDPR?
The GDPR is designed to unify data privacy requirements across all 28 EU member states. Data Subjects — which include end users, customers and employees — have the right to make a claim if their data is not protected in compliance with the GDPR regulations. Further, EU regulators have the right to impose huge fines for violations.

Who’s impacted?
If you market to or process the information of EU Data Subjects, you need to learn how to address key data protection requirements as well as how to benefit from pre-built GDPR capabilities and automated compliance workflows.

What does the webinar cover?

• Support to accelerate your business conformity to GDPR

• GDPR requirements – IT, business processes, legal expertise

• An action plan: preparing your IT, legal and operational systems for GDPR

Download the webinar now, and contact us for more information. 

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