Forrester reveals business leaders’ views on data analytics

In a recent report by Forrester, it was revealed that 45 per cent of business leaders say data and analytics will become the most important factor for business competitiveness.

But that’s not an opinion about the distant future, that’s in the next three years. It really is time to start treating data as a strategic business asset.

With the surge of incoming data is increased complexity. Businesses are trying to find ways to tap into it to get the answers they need. They need to be able to collect it, trust it, access it all from one place and analyse it with certainty, so that they can steer themselves into a successful future.

The problem is they’re finding many barriers along the way and ending up deeper in a labyrinth of complexity. With 60 per cent of firms struggling with integration and core data management capabilities, their top challenges include:

  • 56% lack of tools/platforms for developing advanced models
  • 54% insuf­ficient infrastructure for scoring advanced models
  • 51% poorly integrated tools

What they need are platforms that span the full analytics and data service providers like you, to help them get on track.

Get the full picture in this infographic.

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