Flexible cloud deployments with IBM


With access to two IBM Cloud offerings, migrating your existing on-premises workloads to the hybrid cloud is a journey you can tailor to your customers’ needs, without them having to learn new skills or build new tools.

IBM Cloud Foundation is a software-defined data centre that takes advantage of powerful IBM infrastructure and VMware’s Cloud Foundation SDDC Manager, and supports automated identity management and multi-site configurations.

IBM Cloud vCenter Server enables you to take advantage of a flexible architecture option that offers more server and storage, and includes an easy-to-manage firewall powered by VMware NSX.

Both options are easy to manage with maximum visibility over credentials, servers and updates. And you’ll also have the option to add services from the IBM Cloud catalogue, on-demand.

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions doesn’t just provide the flexibility for you to choose the solution that fits your customers’ business needs, it enables you to tailor your cloud service offering to your customers’ requirements throughout their cloud journey.

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