Experience a fully managed platform with flexibility


Your clients are undoubtedly aware that digitisation is the smarter approach to unlocking strategic opportunities.

But for most, managing middleware platforms means buying and installing new software, defining user access, adding app monitoring tools and then continual maintenance.

Unfortunately, if such a transition is badly instigated, it results in an unmanageable hybrid infrastructure.

However, in this video, you’ll see how you can help them solve all their provisioning, configuration and scaling challenges in a better way – with IBM Managed platform-as-a-service (MPaaS).

Part of Integrated Managed Infrastructure (IMI) Services, this platform helps you quickly create a centralised management portal allowing your clients to:

  • Swiftly and securely track orders for new and existing platforms
  • Monitor infrastructure changes
  • Track spending
  • Enable on-demand provisioning, scalability and faster deployments through flexible pay-per-use modular services

What’s more is that your clients’ can be up and running in no time.

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