Excellium and IBM Security, a partnership for success


Video transcript:


David Dutertre, Bid Manager and Service Delivery Manager, Excellium:

“Excellium Services was founded in 2012 in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Offering customers the services of a local, flexible, innovative and responsive partner, with strong expertise in protecting tangible assets – is the credo of Excellium services. It is already trusted by over 140 customers in the banking and insurance sectors, and by several government agencies, and represents a team of more than 90 people in seven countries.”


Partnership with IBM

“Excellium Services has been an historic partner of IBM since its inception. This partnership began with the Security QRadar SIEM solution as our core offering was a managed SIEM solution. MaaS360, Trusteer or Guardium are also part of our products portfolio today.”


Key value to the customers on the solution?

“Every company will be compromised sooner or later. No organisation is immune. The security paradigm has shifted. The security model can no longer depend entirely on keeping the attacker from breaching the perimeter. Instead, organisations must adopt a reactive approach to defence.”


Why IBM Security?

“Many firms try to solve their security challenges by buying more tools. The complexity, confusion and challenges of maintaining these disparate tools is enough to derail your best security efforts.

“That’s why you need to ensure that all of these IT security capabilities interact, communicate and integrate with each other in your hybrid IT environments, because integration can help increase visibility. And this is where we can help reduce this complexity through the implementation of IBM solutions, that must be seen as different parts of a security portfolio working together.

“One of the keys to Excellium’s success was the deployment of the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence platform. For example, the addition of forensic methods of incidents, vulnerability management and risk management, as well as the ability to integrate the flows of other security products, allow us to give each client the level of visibility they need while being very effective.

“Obviously, the access we have had to the product team has helped us to adapt the solution to the needs of our customers.”


The way forward

“Reacting to current cyber threats is a real challenge in the current environment. This is why the strong relationship we developed with IBM was important in order to help to reduce the time to market in our service development.”


What are the key advantages of your relationship with IBM?

“With IBM Security Intelligence Platform, Excellium can rapidly onboard new clients and deliver value within weeks instead of months.

“One sentence defining our partnership with IBM? I would say: fast time-to-value.”


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