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With the cloud gaining popularity and acceptance in the computing world, more and more businesses are making the switch. As a result, 83 per cent of enterprise workloads are expected to operate on the cloud by 20201.

The pain points for CIOs and business owners are clear. They’re frustrated with complexity and lack of flexibility of legacy siloed computing and are turning to cloud computing to provide the agility and flexibility required to accelerate their service(s) to retain or attract new customers.

The top three benefits coming out of the journey to cloud, are:

  1. Less or flexible costs – there are no huge costs of hardware in cloud computing
  2. 24×7 availability – the connection is ‘always on’
  3. Flexibility in capacity – the ability to instantly, increase of capacity for higher demand

In this ePaper we’ll be looking at why this journey is more important than ever, what those benefits can enable businesses to do, where the main challenges are, where hyperconverged infrastructures and cloud orchestration come in to the equation and how the Cloud Infrastructure Alliance can help.

Read the ePaper to discover how cloud can help you achieve better business results.

1 – https://www.forbes.com/sites/louiscolumbus/2018/01/07/83-of-enterprise-workloads-will-be-in-the-cloud-by-2020/#1740a5a86261

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