Endpoint security: CISOs on what customers really want

The rise of the cloud and mobile computing has rapidly changed the nature of enterprise cybersecurity. The old paradigm, where all work was done behind a company firewall, has been breaking down.

Employees work not just at the office, but also on the road and at home, on mobile devices and on their own personal computers. They’re no longer using a limited stack of enterprise applications. Instead, they increasingly require access to a wide variety of apps, cloud services, and new communication platforms.

The result is a much larger attack surface, one that is hard to protect with traditional approaches – and one that is growing faster than ever before as users adopt new types of devices, new applications, and new services. Often, companies don’t even know all the tools that their employees are using.

At the same time, the potential threats that enterprises are facing have grown significantly in variety, capabilities, and size.

Today, companies are beset not only by hackers looking for a thrill, but also by nation-state actors, hacktivists, corporate spies, small-time crooks, and large criminal organisations. These adversaries have at their disposal an ever-growing collection of open-source hacking tools and commercial software. There are also online services offering ready-to-go ransomware campaigns.

Malware, once it gets a foothold, can spread quickly. Once in an enterprise, attackers can secretly infiltrate more and more systems and collect more and more data. Or they can quickly and immediately launch large-scale ransomware attacks that can take down large numbers of computers and lock up enterprise data.

In this new age of cyberwar, endpoint devices are the front line. Traditional antivirus protections are no longer enough.

In this report, leading security experts examine the new tools that they have at their disposal, including next-generation endpoint security, and detection solutions built around behaviours, heuristics, and artificial intelligence and machine learning.

They review the business requirements that went into making their technology decisions and how well the solutions actually worked out in practice.

Download the whitepaper now, to discover the capabilities your customers searching for in an endpoint security solution and how you can win new business by providing these.

You can also see how IBM’s endpoint security solution, MaaS360, can help you meet customer demands in this video.

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