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Life expectancy is increasing just as families are more widely dispersing.

Patients are demanding a more personalised, continuing healthcare.

Your healthcare clients, particularly those involved in private healthcare or even health insurance, are probably already striving to adapt to these and many other issues they face in a world that’s swiftly changing like never before

And thankfully, as explained in our attached video, a more sustainable, value-based global healthcare system is tantalisingly close to becoming a reality.

IBM’s industry-focused innovation is playing a key role in transforming these challenges into opportunities, leading a revolution in healthcare.


Healthcare’s four biggest challenges

With budgets being squeezed more than ever before, amidst growing data security concerns, meeting the growing expectations of patients for evermore personalised healthcare are proving increasingly difficult to meet.

Health providers are presently failing to meet patient expectations in areas such as treatment and engagement, which not only leads to dissatisfied patients but could also increase the cost of care delivery.

Meanwhile, the cost of providing effective healthcare has risen due to an increasing and aging population, along with the prevalence of chronic diseases.

This leaves healthcare organisations with four key challenges:

Personalisation, Integration, Finance, Data security.

Through leveraging IBM’s leading-edge innovation and expertise you can deliver comprehensive and advanced solutions designed to meet the needs of both your healthcare clients and, ultimately, their end users.

In fact, IBM’s industry-focused innovation helps you deliver solutions that can improve the care and health of millions of people.


Leveraging IBM Healthcare Solutions

The technology you deploy will ensure your healthcare clients can effectively respond to their four biggest challenges.


  • AI software engages, empowers and interact with patients
  • Self-service terminals – patients can receive items and specific information
  • Better accommodation of patient’s own devices
  • Patient portals integrated across platforms – mobile and desktop


  • Analytic tools that provide insights and prediction to support care decisions
  • Cognitive technology used in finding clinical trial patients
  • Management integration of on-site and off-site facilities


  • Process automation helps co-ordinate and automate a wide variety of tasks
  • Insights from advanced analytics help organisations reduce expensive incidents
  • Visualisation and oversight of staff workflows helps in balancing shift patterns

Data security

  • Hybrid cloud infrastructures that combine multi-party accessibility with robust security


Smart, scalable technology that understands business

Of course, it isn’t only healthcare that’s faced with ever-increasing expectations.

Which is why IBM provide a range of enterprise-relevant technologies and support programmes you can leverage in your solutions.

IBM’s thriving healthcare ecosystem is just one part of a far wider, far ranging operation specifically set up to help businesses of every shape and form work better.

Would you like to know how IBM Technologies and expertise could help you provide innovative solutions for your clients?

Our AI and cognitive solutions are essential for creating an efficiently mobilised supply chain, or offering customers a personalised service.

They optimise brand awareness and operational connectivity, along with empowering a revolution in finance.

IBM’s pioneering technology in Analytics, Cloud and Security is backed with advice, tuition, entrepreneurial support, educational resources, and partnering ecosystems.

And you can regularly keep up to date with the all the very latest developments here.

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