Education today and the new learning of the blockchain revolution

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Blockchain is already driving disruption and innovation throughout higher education.

It enables the creation of secure and connected networks of education institutions, education technology (edtech) companies, and learners.

It also allows the secure sharing and exchange of data in a self-sovereign framework, while also shifting control of learning away from the institution and towards the individual.

Blockchains empower individuals to design their own pathways over a lifetime of learning and work.

This shift offers the potential to transform the education ecosystem fundamentally.

‘To remain relevant, institutions must begin transforming how they measure, record, and credential student accomplishments, and how they secure these records over time.’

Blockchain Education White Paper


The New Learning of Blockchain Education

IBM’s work in education today focuses on the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies to support the mission of educators and education institutions.

IBM education technology leads to the creation of solutions enabling learners and educators to enjoy the benefits of personalised learning at scale.

That’s why IBM is a leader in applying blockchain to transform the complete landscape of future education.

‘Learners everywhere are curating their own education, and employers are encouraging them to do so.’

Blockchain Education White Paper


The benefits of Blockchain Education


Self-sovereign identity

Identities and the data associated with them are neither bestowed nor revocable nor owned by any central administrator.

‘Blockchain technology provides a secure and innovative means of realising the concept of the self-sovereignty.’

Blockchain Education White Paper


Granting students the rights to their learning data

Blockchain enables learners to own and control their own data but not alter their grades or

degrees or certifications.

‘Blockchains also introduce trust, transparency, and efficiency into an education system that can be

difficult to navigate and use.’

Blockchain Education White Paper


Protecting the privacy and cybersecurity of students 

Previously, university systems have been hacked, and their reputations tarnished. Blockchain education is at the forefront of preserving students’ rights to privacy.

‘As more academic information is digitised, and alternative forms of education become

normalised, security notions in transparency and openness grow in importance.’

Blockchain Education White Paper


Microcredentialing of skills and know-how

Individuals become their own lifelong registrar and academic and career advisor and can share their skills broadly.

‘Mass adoption of blockchain as the trust anchor of one truth for credentials flips the power relationship between the educator and the students.’

Blockchain Education White Paper


Educators wanting to attract students will have to change

Newer models of collaborative teaching and learning – where students create and share their knowledge worldwide – are driving the customisation of educational content and environments to fit the needs and abilities of each student.

‘The education sector has few incentives to change— except that the new model of lifelong learning is in the best interest of learners.’

Blockchain Education White Paper


Future education and the New learning

‘Learning pathways work best when they accommodate all types of learning styles and teaching

and training methods.’

Blockchain Education White Paper

Working with key thought leaders on blockchain education is an essential element in achieving IBM’s objectives.

IBM’s own research into the application of blockchain education is strongly complemented by our collaboration with Don Tapscott and the Blockchain Research Institute.

Our combined thinking allows both organisations to offer more profound insights into the emergence of blockchain education innovation.

Would you like to know more of these insights and the potential of IBM education technology?


Then access your free download of Don Tapscott and Alex Kaplan’s White Paper, Blockchain Revolution in Education and Lifelong Learning.

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