Dynepic and IBM Watson: developing a safe application for kids


Watch this video to see how being part of the IBM Global Entrepreneurs Program enabled start-up Dynepic to create iOKids, a safe application for kids, using IBM Watson.

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What is iOKids?

iOKids creates a safe space for kids to connect with other kids and enjoy tech experiences provided by brands. Parents can monitor and control the space for their children by providing a single instance of official permission and then expanding or contracting it as new brand experiences become available. The iOKids platform manages the “scalable permission slip” from the parents by sending out a push notification for new experiences and letting the parents respond with a simple “yes” or “no”; the system also manages the official parental permissions for the companies involved.


How did being part of the IBM Global Entrepreneurs Program help Dynepic?

As part of the IBM Global Entrepreneurs Program, Dynepic’s developers received tools and apps from IBM to help build their system. In one of their apps, to chat with Santa, they noticed they had a lot of users who didn’t read yet “speaking” their texts into the phone, but when the reply returned, they couldn’t read it. So the developers used Watson Text to Speech and the pre-readers could simply press the returned message and the system would read it to them.

The developers also noted that the kids were communicating in emojis, so they built a language they called EmojiTalk that adds sounds to emojis.


Why did Dynepic choose to partner with IBM? 

CEO of Dynepic, Krissa Watry said:

“We did a study early on that determined IBM would be perfect to work with because enterprise-level security was paramount – we are taking data on kids – and we need to make sure it’s secure.”

Plus, Krissa added:

“The Global Entrepreneur program gave us the 12-month runway that we needed because every penny is precious.”

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