Dear Tech: An open letter to the industry


Dear Tech,

I represent the voice of the many businesses throughout the world and I, we, need your help.

Around the globe we’re facing big challenges; protecting our natural resources, responding to natural disasters, building security in to everything we do, protecting data (no matter where it is), communicating and networking with ease and speed, scaling what we do, and so much more, across all industries.

We’ve noticed that you’ve done a lot of good but feel like you have the potential to do so much more. We need to find answers and better way to do things, more than ever. We all ‘want in’ on this evolving world.

So, let’s help make a difference, because we have the power to do so much. Let’s do it all. Together.

Let’s not only expect more from technology but drive it.

Best wishes.

Businesses new and old

A huge part of change is driven by simple ideas and the technology we create to support them. The future will always promise change. If it didn’t, we would never strive to understand or discover what we could do differently.

When it comes to it, we like change. It’s built into us. You ask anyone right now, what they’d make different, and I bet they have a list.

There are countless new and exciting ideas and possibilities out there. Right now. But so many businesses don’t know where or how to start making them a reality. Around the world, your clients, whether they be existing or potential, are capable of so much. They could be from any profession, any industry, and anywhere.

But they need your help. That could be helping them understand their ideas fully or by helping them understand how technology could make the difference. It’s a market of rich opportunities.

As a service provider, you’re in the unique position of being able to leverage the power and potential of IBM technology in a flexible and affordable way for your clients, no matter what the challenge you face (together). Whether it be optimising the way a database talks across systems, to embedding artificial intelligence into a sea of data to find answers we couldn’t hope to reach on our own, or anything else.

It’s important to expect more from technology, not only to assist new ideas and generate growth and revenue, but because it’s good for all of us.

So, we’re asking, what kind of tech company does the world need today? Yours.

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