Datameer and the Decision Tree approach to clients’ data


In this video, Datameer’s Chief Revenue Officer, Jeff Gallagher talks about how they streamline their clients’ data processes, taking data from the source to a place where it can be utilised successfully by a data scientist or business analyst, and in the most efficient manner.

With a business heavily focused on enterprise data pipelines, having immediate access to correlations and insights means they can produce what’s called a ‘decision tree’ : a support tool that can help them give clients a tree-like model of decisions that offers many solutions rather than one.

The two features that really stand out for Datameer about IBM Cloud Private for Data are:

  1. The analytical ecosystem
  2. The hybrid architecture

And by having these assets at their disposal they can not only deliver smarter analytics but really complement the data science, machine learning and AI journey their clients are experiencing.

Watch the video to get the full story.

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