Discover the QRadar Security Intelligence Platform

Today’s organisations demand near-ubiquitous connectivity in order to keep the business moving while simultaneously stopping advanced threats, identifying rogue insiders, and ensuring continuous compliance. New requirements call for analysing as much information as possible to detect threatening activities that lurk under the surface—and respond more rapidly to security incidents.

As a result, security analysts must develop a keen ability to detect deviations from normal activities, and the solutions they choose must be able to scale then enterprise with a single, cohesive platform.


Introducing the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform

Download your copy of this whitepaper to learn how to protect customers against security incidents and provide advanced network security, layered protection, and deep insight across all infrastructure with solutions like IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform. You can properly align users to access capabilities and integration of their data while monitoring, controlling and reporting on the identities of the systems, database administrators and other privileged users.

For more information on how to build your portfolio with the QRadar Platform, watch this webinar.

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