Data security, wherever it lives

The way enterprises deal with their data is changing, with more and more information being stored in the cloud. As a consequence, the security measures and processes that are required to safeguard that data are evolving, too.

Service providers like you are having to perform a juggling act of protecting against existing and emerging threats, ensuring compliance with upcoming regulatory challenges, deploying analytics to uncover potential threats before they can cause any damage, and more.

IBM QRadar on Cloud gives you the flexible, scalable platform you need to meet those challenges. Through 24/7 monitoring, helpful support and QRadar’s analytical capability of processing up to 80,000 events every second, you can inspire confidence in your enterprise clients that their data, infrastructure and devices are as safe as they possibly can be.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn in more detail how QRadar on Cloud delivers this protection, and how it can help service providers like you grow your business.

Watch how one partner has evolved its security provision together with IBM in this video.

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