Data breach: the 2017 global overview

Data breach 2017 report banner

Coming in many forms – system glitches, hackers and even malicious insiders – the cost of data breaches can inflict devastation, from an organisational level down to an individual one.

Carried out by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by IBM Security, the study presents the findings taken from more than 400 companies across 13 regions, highlighting the trends and factors surrounding data breaches, and key facts and figures, such as:

  • Certain industries have more costly data breaches
  • $3.62 million is the average total cost
  • $141 is the average cost per lost or stolen record
  • Organisations in certain countries are more likely to have a data breach
  • Hackers and criminal insiders cause the most data breaches
  • Data breaches are the most expensive in the United States and Canada

Get all of the 2017 insights and find out what it all means for you by downloading your copy of the report.

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