D.FI: industry success with SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems

Across all business and industries there’s a need to read the market in almost real-time and innovate faster than the competition. The bad news is that this places incredible pressure on conventional IT setups.

So, for service providers and clients alike there’s a race for reinvention, and it’s going on everywhere. What’s essential to success in this digital age is speed and flexibility – two key areas D.FI are focusing on.

D.FI is a systems integrator and cloud services provider that transforms information technologies into tangible added value for its clients.

For clients that depend on instant insight without their transactional systems missing a beat, D.FI offers in-memory SAP HANA solutions on IBM Power Systems.

The unique ability of the IBM Power Systems platform to support up to four SAP HANA production environments per physical server is the technical enabler for a whole new business model for D.FI: secure shared services for SAP HANA delivered on a highly economical basis and offering exceptional reliability.

Read the case study for the full D.FI story.

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