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If your cybersecurity response team tends to focus on why a breach occurred, then they obviously need help.

As in health, prevention is better than cure.

Most companies have policies and technologies in place to tackle a cyber intruder. Yet in many cases these tactics are inadequate.

You need a well thought out, tried and tested strategy to protect your data, your business, your reputation and, most importantly, your clients.

You need to be both prepared for and constantly on the lookout for any possible occurrence of a breach.

You need, in other words, a well-tested Incident Response (IR) plan and team.

It can make all the difference between success and failure if an attempted breach occurs.


Incident Response: 6 Essentials

1. Combine expertise with threat intelligence

What type of threat is your organisation most likely to face?

Each attack comes with different intentions, motivations and capabilities.

Knowing information such as this can give you the edge that ensures you stay ahead of potential attackers.


2. Prepare defence in depth

Incorporate effective multiple layers of security controls across your entire framework.

As with any defence, make sure you haven’t left any gaps allowing a trickle of infiltration that could turn into a flood.

You also need reinforcements; backups that aren’t raw but that have been tested.


3. Develop your incident response strategy

A response strategy must be based on a deep forensics analysis.

Whenever a critical incident seems likely to occur, a pre-developed strategy will avoid a panicked, chaotic response.

It will enable a smooth, swift implementation of containment and, ultimately, remediation.


4. Test your cyber readiness

Train hard, fight easy.

Your response capabilities must be tested under pressure.

Using a scenario-driven, simulated cyber range, along with a tailored tabletop exercise, is essential.

It will ensure your organisation is ready at both tactical and strategic levels to tackle a destructive attack.


5. Prepare for the worst

It’s advisable to set out plans for a temporary business functionality.

An ability to restore even the most minimal of business operations following an attack can make all the difference.

It will ensure shorter recovery times and relatively minimal recovery costs.


6. Assemble a team of experienced experts

This is the surest way to accelerate your incident response strategy.

It is also the easiest of all to accomplish.


An expert team always on hand to help you

The IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) team offers services to help you before, during, and – should it happen – after a breach

Comprised of industry-leading, highly skilled security professionals, experienced in investigating the world’s largest breaches, the team prepare actionable response plans for long-term, pre-emptive solutions.

Continuous monitoring and deeper investigation of threats begin remotely, with services and processes put in place to identify potential threats.

Remaining permanently on standby, the team are always ready to deal with any suspected cybersecurity incident, applying the latest threat intelligence to contain any attack before it wreaks havoc.

Provided with a more comprehensive view of an attack, an organisation makes better-informed responses.

It reduces the time it takes to respond to an incident, diminishes its impact, and ensures a faster recovery, minimising any loss of revenue or other costs.


The capabilities you can expect

IBM X-Force Intelligence Services

Providing insights ensuring your security team is knowledgeable about threats to your environment.

  • Threat analysis
  • Intelligence enablement training
  • Advanced cyberthreat intelligence


IBM X-Force Incident Response and Pro-active Services

Prepares you for and responds to threats and incidents across all endpoints, from mainframes to mobile devices.

  • Incident response
  • Forensic analysis
  • Threat assessments
  • Incident response programme development
  • Tabletop exercise and scenario testing
  • Managed detection and response
  • Incident response retainer


IBM X-Force Remediation Services

Develops the capabilities to help your organisation more effectively detect and prevent threats, along with swiftly executing responses to attacks.

  • Agile incident management
  • Breach remediation
  • Strategic remediation and implementation


Embedded threat intelligence capabilities

Whenever a case is opened, the IBM X-Force IRIS team immediately embeds an intelligence analyst who stays involved from start to finish.

This ensures we’re bringing a consistent intel perspective to each case. Our embedded expert augments his or her own skills by leveraging unique insights from the larger intelligence team.

The combined insight gives us exceptional views into an adversary’s actions, tools and methodologies.

Understanding these aspects allows faster, more accurate mitigation actions. We can rapidly evolve our approach to swiftly detect an attacker’s ever-shifting activity.

Moreover, the IBM X-Force IRIS team can also readily call on a set of practitioners representing thousands of hours of experience when it comes to rebuilding devastated environments from the ground up.

So whenever a company has faced an attack, they can rely on us to not only help in the remediation process but also keep business running while we rebuild anew.


An unparalleled global team

The IBM X-Force IRIS team possesses an unparalleled depth and breadth of cross-competency security knowledge.

Through combining cutting-edge methodology with new technologies across disjointed security layers, they ensure organisations receive the context required to eliminate the noise and identify the most critical threats.

Moreover, their investigative and analytical methodology continues to adapt to meet future IR challenges.

Here at IBM, we’re constantly preparing today for the cyberthreats of tomorrow.

Utilising the intersection of AI, intelligent orchestration, the agility of the cloud, and collaboration, we sincerely believe we can tackle any cybersecurity challenge.

We’re sure you believe that too.

We’re sure, too, that you’re determined to ensure your clients are prepared for any threat that might possibly come their way.

But as you’ve probably already noticed, fighting new threats with more tools seems to do little more than add to the complexity. Which in turn, leads to hidden weaknesses in the security systems.

Security doesn’t need more tools.

It needs new rules.

Do you also think it’s time to rethink the approach to cybersecurity?

Then find out more about the IBM X-Force IRIS team here.

Or, better still, begin developing your incident response strategy solutions by clicking through to IBM X-Force IRIS Vision Retainer services help.

And keep up to date with the latest security trends by following all the news here.

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