Creating virtual environments on IBM Cloud: a Principled Technologies report

Software-defined data centre (SDDC) solutions enable organisations adopting a private or hybrid cloud a vital layer of flexibility and scalability not available through the traditional data centre.

So, when it comes to creating virtual environments, what can we learn about the differences between implementing on- and off-premises solutions? Principled Technologies carried out their own hands-on testing, covering a variety of key factors, including:

  • Compatibility
  • Ordering
  • Installing software
  • Procuring hardware
  • Configurations
  • Effects on the organisation

Among many of their findings, Principled Technologies’ concluded that you can reduce your IT overhead by creating virtual environments for applications on IBM Cloud, and that deploying VMware Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud required little time and effort from an admin.

If you’re looking at providing cloud services, signing up for IBM Cloud is easy. And guaranteed free development with Cloud Lite plans means you can tap into a growing ecosystem of services and start working on your client’s projects right away – for as long as you like.

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