Compta: bringing digital transformation to Abrantes, with IBM


As with many cities around the globe, Portugal’s Abrantes has huge challenges to overcome: an
aging population, issues related to land use planning and urbanism, environmental protection and
residue management through to a general lack of resources.

But in 2010, the city began a unique process of digital transformation, leading to the start of an
exciting project in 2015: Abrantes Smart City.

With IT solutions that provide clear and authentic data in real time, the city of Abrantes would be
more able to support their decision-making process and respond to their challenges.
And thanks to a partnership with IBM, Compta helped develop a variety of smart solutions to do just
this, including:

  • Waste collection management
  • Energy efficiency management
  • Smart irrigation
  • Street lighting management
  • Citizen applications

But that’s not everything, with citizens being at the centre of this digital transformation, the city
wants to guarantee they feel the impact of this in their daily lives and intends to build on this by
extending the project to new areas. They look to Compta and IBM to help them continue this.

Watch the video to get the full story.

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