Cloudification: get rid of IT complexity to better focus on business needs

What Cloudification with IBM is all about:

Transform Strategy and Business Operations
From clouds and managed services to in-house data centre solutions, there are a growing number of sourcing options for your infrastructure. IBM can help you identify and implement the optimal blend of service delivery models to transform your operations and drive greater business value.

Manage Risk, Security and Resiliency
Organisations face increasing security threats, ever-expanding regulations and the challenges of maintaining an always-on environment. Offering a proactive approach to managing vulnerabilities, IBM can help you predict and mitigate risks before they reach you, safeguard your infrastructure across the layers of your business and address regulatory requirements associated with resiliency.

Optimise Infrastructure
With expanded networks, interconnected users and alternative delivery models, IT infrastructures are no longer confined to the data centre. IBM can help you address today’s optimization challenges and implement the framework for an infrastructure strategy that aligns your IT investments with your business priorities.

Deepen Engagement and Deliver Enterprise Mobility
Today’s users demand access anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device. IBM can help you deepen your engagement with employees, associates and the ecosystem by enabling your infrastructure for social business and collaboration without boundaries.

Turn Information Into Insights
As the exponential growth of data continues, it becomes more and more critical for organizations to transform raw information into insight that drives faster, better business decisions. IBM can help you develop a flexible, integrated infrastructure that defies insight’s enemies: latency, granularity and complexity.

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