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Demand for rapid innovation often keeps enterprises in most industries at the edge of chaos. While enterprise IT once operated in the background, it now drives business value by creating new compelling user experiences, delivered on cloud platforms.

Delivering modern applications requires a cloud-native approach to application development. Combined with DevOps tools and practices, cloud-native development lets you continuously deliver updates customers want.

The IBM Cloud app service kickstarts cloud native development by making it simple to build and deploy new microservice based apps, and by providing teams the tools, languages, frameworks and security needed to practice polyglot application development at high velocity.

Cloud-native development allows you to organise teams and tasks around business needs, and deliver new applications as a set of microservices, easily access high-level services like AI, blockchain, and IoT to delight customers.

Because IBM cloud services harness expertise and worldwide infrastructure, your team is free to focus on what your customers need.

Try the IBM Cloud App Service today to get started building your cloud-native application. Get your free trial of IBM Cloud here.

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