Closing the commerce perception gap with IBM Watson


It may be 2019, but we still need to get a handle on the data we’re dealing with, and we need look no further than the retail world to see why.

In this WIRED video, Dominic Poloniecki, IBM UK & Ireland’s Commerce Director, tells us that a recent report suggests that 81 per cent of consumer brands think they have a holistic view of their customers but ask them and the figures tell us something completely different.

But when surveyed, 37 per cent of customers said that their favourite retailer understood them, and when asked about the average retailer this figure drops even further to 22 per cent.

What’s clear here is that there’s a significant gap in perception.

As a service provider, what this means is that brands will need your help in finding ways to close this gap because, naturally, this is one of the key factors that will help them survive.

And when you consider that 84 per cent of customers would be prepared to exchange personal data for a more personalised experience, then the route is clear; it’s what people want.

The great news is that it’s much easier to get started than you may think, with IBM Watson.

The power of cognitive insight will not only enable your clients to see people in the numbers and deliver the recommendations and personalisation their customers are looking for but enable them to explore many more potential benefits.

Get a free trial of IBM Watson and explore the fast and easy solution to all your clients’ cognitive needs.

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