Choose the right analytics for your clients

Whether you’re an ISV, MSP, CSP, SI or any other type of provider, having powerful IBM Business Analytics built into your offerings means you can help your clients bring their data to life.

Packed full of features and capabilities, IBM’s suite of analytics tools allows you to tailor your embedded analytics experience precisely:

  1. IBM Cognos Analytics
  2. IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media
  3. IBM Watson Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics enables you to quickly analyse and visualise live data to get answers and take action instantly.

For essential insights into social conversations, to help your customers adapt to an always-connected and commenting consumer world, we have IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media.

And to experience smart data discovery and visualisation to help your customers go beyond what they don’t know, try IBM Watson Analytics.

To learn more about how you can unlock potential for your clients with IBM Business Analytics, view the infographic.

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