Build conversational AI solutions with Watson Assistant


Watson Assistant is an enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that helps businesses enhance brand loyalty and transform customer experience.

The solution gathers data and insights from customer engagements, then turns learnings into customised experiences, whilst keeping all data private and secure.

For businesses, Watson Assistant delivers these four key capabilities:

  • Extension of their brand by creating a truly engaging customer experience
  • Insights from deep customer interactions
  • A proactive approach to customer conversations, initiating them at the right time and place
  • Increase conversions and loyalty by understanding customers’ intent to create personalised experiences

Using Watson Assistant, developers and service providers can collaborate with clients, large and small, to build a conversation AI solution for their own unique needs.

Whether it’s an AI assistant tailored to anticipate the needs of drivers to provide a customised in-car experience, or one to provide a differentiated guest experience at a hotel, there are no limitations to what you can do.

Get your 1-year free trial of Watson Assistant to start building your own AI assistant today. Or, watch this webinar to learn more about redefining the customer experience with Watson Assistant and how it can help your clients differentiate from their competitors.

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